How to get a good PageRank?

Yes, how can one go from no PageRank to a PageRank of 5? Before I answer that, for those who don’t know, you can easily get the PageRank of a site: refer to How to get the PageRank of your blog or any other sites. BLOG CONTENTWhen a blog is first started, it is given …

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Chromebook tip: How to explore external storage to open files

Exploring files stored in external storage on a Chromebook is not as straight forward as on a desktop where you right-click on the START button then click OPEN WINDOWS EXPLORER. For Chromebook, you have to use keyboard shortcut: press SHIFT + ALT + M

How to remove Header borders

A blogger request help for removing the Header border (she called it title). This is easily done. First, sign into your Blogger account (Dashboard). Then click on the LAYOUT tab followed by EDIT HTML to get to the template editor. Look for this in the template: header-wrapper { width:100%;margin:0 auto 10px;border:1px solid $bordercolor;} header-inner { …

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